Plastic Engineering Solutions Ltd (PES) specialise in providing bespoke engineering solutions in thermoplastic to reduce your production costs, whilst still retaining quality. Our key skills comprise re-engineering from metal to plastic and bespoke consultancy to solve your engineering problems. PES can also provide your businesses with short run component manufacturing (shot weight 1-300g), ensuring you can keep up with product demand even if your supply chain fails.
UKAS Quality Management
Post Fit Spade Terminal Insulators

PES makes a range of post fit terminal insulators. The product range for 4.8mm and 6.3mm insulators are designed to fit both the straight and right angle fittings (boot type). The insulators are made in different materials to satisfy different criteria. They are RoSH compliant and when specified meet the glow wire regulations EN 60335-1:2002 sub clause 30.2.2 and 30.2.3

Specific range

SV2187J4.8mm straight45,000 delivered in one box
SV2250J6.3mm straight25,000 delivered in one box
SHB100D6.3mm boot20,000 delivered in one box
SV24804.8mm boot40,000 delivered in one box
Track Tell Tale

Vertical track deflection under load (the amount of vertical movement of the rail or track components during the passage of the train) is a well researched topic, which has raised a variety of reliability and safety issues regarding maintenance of the permanent way. The prevalence and extent of any such deviation of the running line is of particular concern to parties responsible for ensuring that high standards of track maintenance are practically and cost effectively provided.

Track Tell Tales have proven particularly beneficial towards assisting inspection of switches and crossings, whereupon the presence of event small amount of vertical track deflection can severely undermine performance. However, there are a number of other ideally suited application, such as in tunnels, upon critical rails welds, bridges, and poor track drainage and restricted access locations.

Track Tell Tales are supplied at low (consumable item) cost in order to encourage widespread integration throughout railway networks. Whereby, the devices offer an efficient means of implementing the management of vertical track deflection without incurring undue financial constraint

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